Learning linux. Ubuntu vs Mint


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What is everyones advice on learning a little bit of linux.

I installed ubuntu on my laptop. Although i don't really like it. I don't find it user friendly. It seems its geared more towards advanced users. Im not even sure i'm learning anything by installing it.

I heard mint is a little more user friendly. But what difference would it make if i had it instead of ubuntu.

Is this a bad way to learn linux? Installing it on my laptop....Should i read a book instead?

What the best way to learn a little linux.

Should i give up on ubuntu and mint?

How can i learn linux using my windows computer instead.
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One of the best ways to start would be to get a small $5 a moths VPS from DigitalOcean, and install the OS you want to learn on there. If you break it, you can format and re-install in a matter of minutes.
I've been using linux mint on my laptop, so far i like it, Although my main machine is still on windows. I find there is alot of programs i can't use on mint that windows has. But i like it alot. It seems very few internet users use linux. Even in my website stats, most computers are windows, probably 2% are linux. I guess thats probably why there is very few virus for linux.

I feel strange not using an anti-virus on linux, but i guess i don't need it.

I'm not a big fan of ubuntu, I don't like the gui. Although i heard there is more support for unbuntu?

As for server versions, I started using CentOS. Months ago i felt frustrated when i installed it and all i got was a black screen that said "login"

I didn't understand it. Now i am starting to understand what the difference between linux desktop and linux server is. \

I feel i am so behind in all of this linux stuff! I'm slowly learning on my spare time! :cool:

i love linux!! it's taken quite a bit of time to learn it, and a lot of patience required,

what i love the most, is anything that i plug into my computer seems to work without even requiring to install drivers,

why is it windows requires driver installs for everything but linux doesn't, unbelievable!!

i will definitely never go back to windows, unless windows becomes better,

but note, that i don't use Ubuntu anymore, its too much of a resource hog!! im using Mint now,

I even got my landlord on linux, he loves it better than windows too, too much activation crap on windows!!

long live Linux!

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