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So, I've been gradually removing Windows from my devices, and I'm now left with a single PC running Windows 10 (my main desktop).

I've switched over my 2 laptops to Linux Mint, and I'm really enjoying using it. There is nothing that Windows can do for me that Linux now can't, and having tried Ubuntu 18.04, I wasn't really overly impressed with it. I've been running Mint in a VM at work since April, and they have just released Mint 19, which is based off Ubuntu 18.04.


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i've been using linux for almost 2 years now, i started off with ubunutu, but ubunutu stinks!! im using mint too!

linux has come a long way, i remember 10 years ago i had problems with simple things such as multi monitor,

but mint is awesome!! i really love the simple design and windows style menu. I found ubuntu a bit hard to navigate and its werid looking

I have a lot of computer and i only have windows on 1 computer because you can't game on linux, but steam just announced last week they are going to make steam work on linux, so i won't need it anymore

i don't really trust windows, they have secret backdoors and work with governments, there is even ads inside windows now,

mint is king!!
linux is king!!


I'm really happy with Mint. I've got a CentOS7 desktop I use as a server in the office, and 2 laptops now running Mint. I've acquired a 3rd laptop which I've running Windows 10 on purely for a couple of specific music applications. My main desktop is still Windows 10 as well, as I'm using it for gaming also (just purchased Two Point Hospital through steam).


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i've never played sim games before, but i was thinking of getting skyline cities

i tried Cinnamon years ago and had problems with multi-monitor, so i tried xfce and it worked right away with multi-monitor
i use xfce mint on all my computers now!! i heard it's the lightest one, haven't tried those other ones KDE, MATE
i might try cinnamon again but im happy with xfce

ive replaced all my software except skype and another messaging software, i think i tried skype on mint years ago and it wasn't as good as the windows one,
i always run windows on a virtual machine on one of my monitors, i love virtual machines

best part of linux is i havn't had a virus since ive started using it, and also i don't feel scared visiting strange websites as most virus at targeted to windows users

here is some stats for one of my websites for today

linux is still near the bottom, thats probably why most viruses are made for windows

what is insane is how much mobile is beating everything
which is true, i barely use my laptop anymore



To be fair, I've just got the Samsung Note 9, and I'm using that basically whenever I don't have access to my laptop now, rather than lugging a laptop around with me.


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i wanted the samsung note 9 but it was too expensive even with a 2 year phone contract, they want at least 500 pounds for the phone plus the monthly phone contract

i had one of the earlier notes and i loved it! i loved the stylus, i often draw things and find the stylus very useful, my new phone does not have a stylus and i am really sad because now i can't draw on my phone,

i even bought a stylus on ebay, but it does not work well
in fact only the big side works but it does not work well! its too big!
the small side does not work, i don't even know what the point of it is


i really want a stylus, but most phones don't come with it,
there is the new lg stylo but its not a power phone, the procoessor is too slow and not enough ram

i also had an extended battery on my note, 9,3000 mah, it last for a long time!


i will get the note 9 when it goes down in price, or maybe note 8
the note 9 also has an extended battery 10,000 mah
i always get extended batteries on all my phones, i hate charging phones all the time
the extended batteries make the phones heavy but it is worth it because i dont have to charge often

i miss my note phone:cry:

the problem with samsung phones and all phones also is that they stop updating the OS after a couple years, so you have to buy a new phone
and they always add lots of apps i don't need, i hate samsungs operating system,
i always root my phone and unlock it, and if possible i erase the operating system and add my own operating system

i use LineageOS operating system for my phones, its open source and does not come with bloatware, also its the newest android oreo and they always update it, its like linux mint open source
LineageOS – LineageOS Android Distribution

it doesnt support all phones yet,
LineageOS Downloads

i installed lineage on my old phones and my old phones are fast!
thats when i learned that phone companies stop updates on purpose, force us to buy another phone
luckily with lineage i dont have to buy a new phone often

i always say samsung is "microsoft windows"
and lineage is "linux mint"

i love my phone and open source stuff!
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