Man Vs Coast 2018


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Yeah, they are neutral, and great to run in.

I started with Flyknit a few years back. Had Flyknit 1,2 and 3, but stopped when they slightly changed them after the 3 back in 2015.

That's the thing with trainers they change them every year and not always for the better... really annoying. I try and pick them up at end of season range change. Chain Reaction Cycles often do good deals at that time of year


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You crazy man! That looks f£$king absolutely insane!

Love the mid drop photo.... bet the water was welcoming cold in that heat. How hot was it? Squelchy feet after the water i bet

Looks really cool buddy


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wow matt is on tv,

that is too scary for me, i dont think i could do it

matt is our hero