Half Marathon Training Blog


As Strava has recently switched to HTTPS, my Strava add-on will work on here, so I'll be sharing my training runs and writing about how the training is going, in preparation for my Half Marathon in March.
So this was Sunday's run. I was supposed to be doing 18KM, but have been working a lot (8 12 hour shifts in 9 days), and the lack of sleep and bad weather made me cut it short.
Today's lunch run. Was supposed to be a steady 5KM, but I've swapped it with my quick 9KM as I'm looking after Violet all day tomorrow, so will be pushed to make it out until the evening

Tonight was the first of my longer / slower runs.

It was before Christmas since I last ran this sort of distance, and working nights plus a lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me. Got the same to do next weekend, but I'm working days instead, so shouldn't be as bad.
Been a bit slacking posting the runs. Here are the last nine I've done, upto this evening:


Mixing it up a bit this week, by cycling to work and back as I'm working 8am to 16:30 each day :)
Cycle home last night
and back to work this morning

Had to order a new saddle for the bike, as the one I currently have to more aimed at racing, rather than commuting.
What does your bike look like? Is it one of those racing bikes with really thin wheels?
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So I've now got a cold!
Yesterdays run
Only did a short one, as I wanted to rest up a bit for my long run this weekend

This morning's cycle to work
Much better with the new saddle fitted.
Training has gone to pot this weekend, been made up with cold, so haven't ran since Thursday.