Sheffield Half Marathon


Ran this years Half Marathon on Sunday. I've been training for 4 months for it, and was hoping for a new PB.

I managed to take 4 minutes off last years time (which was a PB also), so was over the moon with the results. It was really warm as well, which took a lot of people by surprise.

Also purchased some of the official photos
20x30-YHMA0363.jpeg 20x30-YHMG1723.jpeg 20x30-YHMH0706.jpeg 20x30-YHMI0367.jpeg 20x30-YHMJ0287.jpeg


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wow you are such an adventurous person

i rarely leave my room, and i'm not a big fan of running, i prefer walking, but i don't do much of that either


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Nice one Matt. Really impressive time :) 4 mins off a PB is awesome. You are in the 1:30 club now.... that is serious running.

This is going to be an odd question but what running socks are you using? Would you recommend them? I have been using Thorlo's for years but have been getting blisters on my longer runs top of toes as they are rubbing.

What's the next race going to be?




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Wiggle | X-Socks Run Speed Two Sock | Running Socks

I've got 4 pairs of them, they are brilliant. Highly recommend them.

This is the next one mate. First time I've done anything like this, with it being in sections.

Round Sheffield Run | Multi-Stage Trail Running Enduro | 25th June

Thanks Matt have ordered two pairs :) My feet will thank you I am sure.

Your next race looks like a cracker, some brutal climbs but every up has a down... can be equally punishing on the knees though...

I am ashamed to admit I have injured my knee in the most Middle-Class way on Saturday... I fell in a pond in a National Trust property :) The ducks were not impressed! My wife and mum found it hilarious though