Amsterdam Marathon Training Blog


A new challenge for me this year, I'm doing the Amsterdam Marathon in October.

It's going to be my first full marathon, so a big increase in mileage and training.

Training starts tomorrow :)
I've noted it down in my agenda :) We'll make an appointment when October comes near :)

Working nights this weekend, so had 4 days off after Silverstone, and started the training plan yesterday.
Did some interval work yesterday, while out running with the wife
and a steady 8.5KM tonight
Those are long days. 4 days a week?

That gives you enough time to eat and have a nap.
Today's 9KM lunch run. Pace was faster than planned, but felt good, despite the crappy weather.

Keep it up Matt . My wife did a half marathon awhile back and I know it takes alot of work. When you finish you will be quite proud of yourself.(y)
Thanks! I've got another Half Marathon next Sunday, and I'm looking forward to slowing down a bit, and getting my distance up rather than trying to increase my speed like I spent all last summer doing.
Another 9km this evening

Going to do a longer run tomorrow as the weather is gradually starting to get better
Do taller runners have more advantage than shorter runners? I always find i can't keep up with runners taller than me.