Dedicated Server Audit


Hello Matt.. I am interested in an Audit of my server.. I am scared to death of messing with it so im certain functions are outdated and need updating and id also be interested in feedback regarding optimization and a backup solution.. We were backing up the forum nightly but the operation was intense and took at minimum of 30 minutes often times much longer and would increase the server load to almost unusable.. Our host was bought out and our sever was moved to a new data center and since then the bottleneck has gone away which has me believing its no longer backing up my forums data..

the last server tech advised against caching since he said it would eat up to many resources?

Apache, WHM, XF Requesting Audit with Quote for agreed services.
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Hi FredC

I'll start a PC with you for some more information and we can take it from there. Will be tomorrow though, as I'm just signing off for the evening.
Just wanted to put a bow on this thread and wrap it up... a quote from a member after Matt had performed some much needed TLC.. keep in mind the members knew nothing about the server being worked on..
When I clicked on "new topics" earlier, I clicked on it again because I didn't think it 'went' ...but it turned out I was already there! lol It just went so fast I didn't catch that I was already in the forum. lol!
Highly recommend Matt going forward.. as a matter of fact we think he might have cut our yearly expenses in half.. You cant beat that folks!!!