XenForo security, optimization and server security


Hi Matt,

I'm running a gaming website, and we face a large amount of DDoS attacks, bruteforcing and XenForo exploits.
We really need a viable solution when it comes to DDoS attacks, at both website level and server level. The server is hosted by OVH who protects against layer 4 attacks, but do absolutely nothing on port 80 (layer 7).
I tried multiple times to mitigate/block attacks myself on Linux, without any result. I'm learning everything myself from scratch and it appears that I can't do anything against those attacks.

I'm wondering if you can help us, antiDDoS would be the priority but we also might be interested by forum optimization and security.



Hi v1nce

I don't really have any experience with DDOS mitigation, especially if it's specifically on layer 7 hitting the HTTP port. You are either going to need to look at a specific application firewall, or a dedicated ASA (which OVH can provide, but they aren't cheap). I know the OVH firewall on the dedicated IP address will simply allow or block on port / tcp / udp. You are going to need something that can inspect the packets and check if it's legitimate HTTP traffic or not.

I can however look at server and forum optimization if required.