What's your internet connection spec/speed at home?


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Just curious, what kind of connection you all have at home and the set up involved?

I'm on BT's "Up to" 80mb down, 20mb up, Fibre service.

The hub/router that comes with it, has Wireless A/B/G/N and 5Ghz AC options
They also supply a wireless 5Ghz AC dongle.

I get a really good connection, so consider myself quite lucky lol.

Screenshot 2014-10-19 18.00.09.png
This is a speed test I did on my phone over WiFi

I'm on Plusnet Fibre, with "upto 80MB". I'm about 50 foot from the cabinet where the fibre is terminated, so it's pretty quick.
My stats for this month so far:


That's what backing up to my servers to the NAS at 03:30 does!
Lol, nice Matt!
Yea I'm about...maybe 40 feet from the cabinet I think, so I get good speeds
I was on Virgin media's cable service, but god that's a crap service now, at least in this area.
I wish BT would bring out their 150 FTTP service, lol...not that I need it mind you.
PlusNet were testing from FTTP but only in London / M25 ring area. 80MB is quick enough, especially for general browsing and media streaming. 4k media streaming might be another thing though when that's readily available.
Yea, my dad does a lot of...."downloading", so I need the fibre service, although I made sure he uses the private internet vpn service while "Downloading". :p
Uses up a lot of bandwith, when I last restarted my hub, it was showing some 300gb downloaded in three days!
FTTC speeds in the UK do provide a decent upload speed.
Yea, 20mb up, seems to be the fastest at the moment.
I mean you could run a server from home with that sort of connection, not a busy one mind you, but it could handle quite a few sites.