whats with all the vpn talk lately?


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is anyone using a vpn,

i was thinking of buying vpn service but if i install a vpn software on my desktop, i heard vpn's slow down your connection,

so really what's the point, do they really slow down your internet a lot?

and is it really safer then going through your isp? the vpn servers will still be able to see your internet traffic, and sites you visit,

, i also heard that i can purchase a dedicated server online and make my own vpn server,
but you need credit card to get a dedicated server, and then the server would be under your name,
wouldn't the server isp hosting company, still see your traffic?


I've tried NordVPN but cancelled after the free trial.

I have my own VPN configured on a $15 a year vps now using openvpn. I use it specifically to get around ipv6 only connection provided by my mobile broadband provider.


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maybe i should do that too,

then i can make my desktop automatically connect to my vpn server somewhere in the world,

that will solve the problem of my isp blocking things and other fishy stuff they are doing to me, they are communists!

i've been trying windscribe, its 2gb free, or i can upgrade to unlimited and it cost 38 pounds a month, which is 3.18 pounds a month

can't i use setup openvpn in my home, on an old desktop ? then it will be free

i really need to learn vpns

down with isps! down with isps!

but i might try expressVPN for a year, i heard its the fastest , then afterwards try to make my own vpn server,

windscribe is way too slow, i went from 120mbs to 16mbs
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