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SoYouStart is the new "middle ground" offering from OVH in their Dedicated Server business. Gone are the days of quick turn over on their machines, and IMO their business is better for it.

I'm a current customer of SoYouStart, and help administer another server supplied by them for a customer.

My review is based on their UK site :

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My current server (which this site is hosted on), is the SYS-E32-2 system

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and located is the RBX datacentre.

What you NEED to realise with SoYouStart, is this is an UNMANAGED host. Hardware is covered under their standard SLA, but anything beyond that, and you are ON YOUR OWN. This is perfect for me, because it enables me to have decent hardware, for a very reasonable price.

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You can now add a USB stick to your server, enable KVM on a day/week basis, or stick a hardware firewall in front of your server
They always had very tempting deals, but as you said Matt, it's purely unmanaged
My main concern and from my own experience with them (I think I had an OVH branded server, before they divided it up between Kimsufi/SYS/OVH) and something went wrong with a hard drive, it took them for ever to replace it
I was competent enough to put the server into rescue mode and confirm the problematic disk, but getting them to replace it, well, it took about 30 hours, which kinda sucked.
I think you have to go through the UK staff directly to get a faster response now, so it helps if you email them direct after opening a ticket.