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Indeed we're on a VPS with DO, and have been a customer of Matt's for a couple of months now. Definitely the go-to guy.
But my question is, we use a pretty high spec VPS with DO, pretty fast - did you notice a significant change with a dedicated server?

As suggested to us, I am considering going with SYS and something like this;
Server E3-SSD-4 - So you Start

Just wondering if you noticed a huge increase? Mobile users I need to target specifically. :)
toad had a big performance increase across all the sites when we switched him from a VPS to the dedicated.


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Okay, would be interesting to see..
Hardest issue is finding one I suppose the right price with the right support etc.
Some reviews I am reading up on are ghastly! :p
The thing you need to remember with SoYouStart (and OVH for that matter),is the server is un-managed. Their hardware and network is pretty rock solid, just don't expect any support past that.


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The thing you need to remember with SoYouStart (and OVH for that matter),is the server is un-managed. Their hardware and network is pretty rock solid, just don't expect any support past that.
haha but that's where you come in? :D
Thanks for the info mate, they've had some seriously bad reviews.. so am unsure.
Is that because of being unmanaged? Or because of other reasons? Tricky one.
Still looking around and just proving difficult.
It's because they are unmanaged. People go with them for the cheap pricing, but expect the world. I use both OVH and SoYouStart and have done for over 12 months now. Zero downtime on their network or hardware.


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Ahh fantastic. I was considering this but the only thing that's worrying me is reviews about downtime and slow support.
Support you've discussed but also you know what you're talking about with servers..;)
Server E3-SSD-4 - So you Start
That's what I was thinking about.

I currently have a DO droplet 4GB Ram 2x CPUs not sure what ones can't remember. 4TB transfer and 60GB only storage - SSD..

Not sure if a dedi would make a huge change? Bound to surely? We're fast, but I need faster for mobile users. Who are our main clientèle. :)


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I've never had any problems with VPS until i started to get more traffic on all my sites. Eventually it became really slow... I should've moved earlier but i didn't know matt at the time and i couldn't or didn't have time to do it myself.

After i moved over to a dedicated server. I definitely noticed a HUGE increase of preformance. Not only did i notice a HUGE increase in preformance but also my traffic quintupled(5x) and recieved more registrations.

One thing to remember is people don't like a slow website. So most of them will quickly leave if your website is slow. I've noticed if i keep my website fast, I will get more members registering. In my personal opinion i don't like slow websites either. It makes me feel angry.

I've also heard about the bad reviews of SoYouStart. But i think it's mostly from people expecting some help. But it says on their website that they offer no help(other than hardware problems) because they are unmanaged. So either you have to know what you are doing, or hire someone to take care of your server. I've never had any downtime with them.

My experience with them is great. But the only time i ever needed to contact them is when my next payment is due. If problems arise i do it myself or get matt to do it for me.

This is my dedicated server:
Server E3-SSD-3 - So you Start

I'm also with Matt's Service:
Monthly Server Maintenance | MattWServices

I've also noticed my mobile traffic is getting higher every year. I think mobile traffic is important.
I rarely use my laptop anymore when i am not home. I am either on my desktop or mobile. 50% 50%
I never had any problems with mobile. It's fast

I don't see myself every going back to a VPS. I like having a dedicated server. A little more power then needed is always a good thing.

I sometimes ask myself... how many pageviews per day can my server handle..

I wonder if it can handle 1 million pageviews per month..

Until/If i ever get that many pageview.. i will have to get matt the expert to give me advice/move to a more powerful server

Moving to a dedicated server was the best thing i did.


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Thank you toad for the informative post.
Our user base is 85-90% mobile due to the nature of our site.. So mobile user friendly is an absolute must for me.
We get huge amounts of traffic, 2 months ago we went over the 300GB threshold but we're still a developing site.

I need to think of future proof as I know we will get busier and busier. So this is something I must do now, rather than later down the road when it will be too late and people leave due to the site being slow.

it's fast now, but I do notice a slight drop on mobile, so this is something that needs addressing, definitely.
And you had an increase in traffic you say?
If that's the case it must be from the change. (y)

Indeed, the reviews are from what I have read - mostly server disconnects or support, which of course I know is something unrelated due to being unmanaged.

Okay well thank you guys, very informative and I think I will go with one of the servers I mentioned in another thread, and perhaps see what Matt thinks of the setup.

I appreciate your help and input toad as it's definitely helped me make an informed decision.
Thanks very much. :)


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Indeed been watching it for weeks now but never available. Hmm
Will probably go with the one I mentioned on OVH instead, the +64 one?
You know my setup, would it be a significant improvement? It's bound to be isn't it?

That's good going too! wow..


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I have gone from vps to dedicated, and now back to a 2 tenant vps setup with Servint. Been with them now for 10 years or so.