1. Matt

    Announcement New Backup System

    As my services have expanded over the last 12 months, I'm at the point where the current backup server is running out of space. I've just ordered a new server, which has 4x10TB drives in RAID10, so will provide 20TB of storage for backups. Hardware data: CPU1: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1271...
  2. Matt

    Announcement cPanel Licence Cost Increase

    I've been made aware of a HUGE increase in cPanel licence costs. https://www.cpanel.net/pricing/ They are bringing this in with immediate effect, which means I'm no longer offering this as an "included" feature of my managed VPS offering. I will also need to review all the existing VPS...
  3. Matt

    Update Support Forum

    I've moved this site back to Digital Ocean, so it's now split from the billing software. ipv6 is also enabled and working (my phone with EE used ipv6 and I've tested and it's working correctly). As it's also a new VPS that is running, it's installed with nginx 1.15.0 which is a new release...
  4. Matt

    Announcement Firewall IP Address Unblocking

    I've added a new module to the billing software, that will allow people to check for, and unblock their own IP address. Go to Support --> IP Address Unblock. It will automatically populate your current IP address, and then check for it (and remove the block if it finds it). This checks all...
  5. Matt

    Digital Ocean

    One of my first VPS that I set up with them. No longer needed, so I'm going to be destroying it: [email protected]:/home/backups# uptime 14:21:42 up 608 days, 18:57, 2 users, load average: 0.04, 0.03, 0.05 [email protected]:/home/backups# Can't argue with that sort of stability for $5 a month!
  6. mike

    What to do for backups - Linode?

    Just got my forum moved over to Linode (thanks Matt !) Forum is running super fast, and all is well. I just thought about backups though, and the fact that nothing is backed up as far as I know. Linode offers a backup service, is this sufficient for my forum? Do I need something else? Never...
  7. Matt

    Linode KVM

    Anyone using the new KVM platform from Linode? I've just spun up a 2GB VPS to have a play about with CentOS7 (might as well start and learn it properly!)
  8. Matt

    Updating WHM/cPanel from the command line

    Matt submitted a new Article: Updating WHM/cPanel from the command line Read more about this article here...
  9. Matt

    CentOS Nginx Build 2017

    Starting with a clean CentOS 7 setup, I will install and configure nginx using Centminmod. Nginx setup Using the latest 1.17.X release PHP setup PHP 5.3.29 for vBulletin Support PHP 7.1.X PHP 7.2.X PHP 7.3.X MariaDB installation Tune my.cnf based on server specification Memcache / Memcached...
  10. Matt

    Shared / VPS / Dedicated?

    Just wondering what people are currently using to host their sites? I've used all 3 over the years, and for the last 5 years, have been using VPS hosting for my sites.