Need a host


Yes, you can currently have 3 addon domains on the large account. The server is located in France, with a UK IP address. It's not oversold, so you can utilise the full disk allocation for the package.
Great! Matt is excellent :)
It is nice not to worry about server optimisation etc and to concentrate on content only.
Hi.. i wanted to chip in when everything is done so i had waited this long.. i still got issue with one of the addon i recently purchased hoping that'd solve my main problem of space usage... was waiting to get that sorted before i comment antyhing here.. although it is not related to the hosting service..

Well.. thanks Matt for all the help in migration and the problem diagnosis you'd done.. Honestly, i had never cleaned up my files for the last 4 years.. i kept piling them on even though i had stopped using them long time back....

and thanks to all my neighbors for the warm welcome... :D