Looking to bring my two communities to a true XenForo host..


Hey everyone and hello Matt - everyone I've talked to from XF and third party add-on developers highly recommends you. I have two XF communities with another host, which while good and affordable with excellent 24/7 support, has been unable to restore databases when we've had one become corrupt (a complete nightmare),lacks some of the PHP features which improve XF functionality and has a horrible email services.

I am curious and I apologize if it's on the site somewhere, how are your services with domains, email, XF backup/restore and having things like ImageMagick and FFmpeg functionality?

I like that fact that you actually use XenForo which is a huge plus... just wanted to try to get a better overall picture on the services and what you think would be the best hosting option for the communities?

Thank you!


Hi Chernabog

The only thing above that isn't included on the shared hosting is FFMPEG. Everything is provided, backups are ever 12 hours to 2 different sets of backup servers, keeping 60 incremental restore points, down to the individual file level.

If you'd like any more information, please drop me a PM.