Hosting Customer
Hi Matt,

I was made aware of your services via the Xenforo forum. If possible, I would really like to hire your to migrate our website. Could you take a look at the details and let me know what you need? Could you give a rough estimate on what the costs will be?

We run a Wordpress website on http://mainecoon.nl
The Xenforo forum runson http://mainecoon.nl/forum

We basically play even because of donations and Google Ads.

Everything runs on a VPS from https://www.mihosnet.nl/. The VPS has 2 cores and 2 Gb memory. No SSD.
We pay 40 EUR per month and basically the service is lousy.

The OS and database are very outdated. I think it runs on CentOS with a Parallels web interface access.
I have root access and parallels access.
I do not have the credentials for the URL's. I'm not sure how/where the domains are registered via provider.

If possible I would like to migrate to https://www.digitalocean.com. I have no experience with this supplier, but a colleague of mine is very happy with it.

  • Could you migrate the Wordpress site, Xenforo forum and mailserver to digitalocean?
  • What information do you need from Mihosnet (my current provider) to do a migration?
  • Can you review the installation and make it as robust as possible for hacks etc? I did a lot on .htaccess, but it was basically trial and error.
  • Can you install the Enhanced Search (I have a licence)?
  • I'm open to any suggestion for OS, caching etc. Just make it as fast as you can ;)
  • I have installed a skin, but have not done it correctly I think. If I do an update it erases the previous settings. Can you take a look at that?
  • I have installed everything under Root (my bad) on the current server. I'm having problems with getting addons which Install and Upgrade to run properly. Could really use your help here.
  • I would like to add the addon Header Thumbs from AndyB. This addon requires ImageMagick and execute(). I was not able to get it working :(
Please feel free to make any other suggestions to make the site run as smooth and robust as possible. The current site is very fast. Handles the load really well.

Let me know what you need to do your magic :)

Looking forward to your reply!

Thanks in advance for your time ;)

Cheers, Axel Biere, The Netherlands