1. Matt

    Announcement PHP8 Available on Shared Hosting

    Hi All, As of today, PHP8 is now available to select on the shared hosting servers. You can choose this version via cPanel: MultiPHP Manager The "default" version is still PHP7.2, even though this is now depreciated, but I'm running HardenedPHP on the servers, which has security fixes...
  2. Matt

    Announcement PHP7.4 Available

    Hi All, PHP7.4 is now available on the shared hosting servers. You need to ensure your site is capable of running this version (such as the latest version of XenForo / Worpdress), however, you can easy choose this now from within cPanel and the MultiPHP Manager
  3. Matt

    Announcement cPanel Licence Cost Increase

    I've been made aware of a HUGE increase in cPanel licence costs. They are bringing this in with immediate effect, which means I'm no longer offering this as an "included" feature of my managed VPS offering. I will also need to review all the existing VPS...
  4. Matt

    Announcement cPanel Licence Move

    I'm in the process of moving the licence provider for cPanel on this server. It's currently processing, and I've had to cancel the existing licence. This won't affect the running of any sites on the server, but might cause intermittent issue access the cPanel interface for your accounts...
  5. Matt

    cPanel EasyApache4 with Litespeed

    Currently testing :) Works just as before, but with the additional support for multiple PHP via the Apache build. Only issue with multiple PHP versions is you can only run 1 of them in DSO mode, the rest need to be ran in CGI or equivalent.
  6. Matt

    cPanel 58.0.17

    Implemented case CPANEL-7579: Small AutoSSL text and usability improvements. Implemented case CPANEL-7816: Scripts to install and uninstall the Let’s Encrypt AutoSSL provider. I'm running the CURRENT release tier on my test VPS, and I've enabled and tested this. :) Free SSL certificates...
  7. Matt

    cPanel issuing SSL Certificates

    Had a nice surprise this morning. cPanel updated automatically, adn they are now giving free SSL certificates for WHM/cPanel access :)
  8. Matt

    Update Anti-DDOS Update

    Yesterday, there was a DDOS on one of the sites hosted on between 13:45 UTC and 13:47 UTC. This caused MySQL to lock up, as the dynamic content was going to MySQL, and used up all 300 available connections. As a future preventative measure, I've implemented IP address...
  9. Matt

    Update SSL Certificate Update

    I've renewed the certificate for the cPanel services (SFTP/cPanel/SMTP/EXIM) The new certificate is valid for the next 3 years
  10. Matt

    Update cPanel Two-Factor Authentication

    With the update to cPanel 54, all servers now support Two-Factor Authentication. This feature has been enabled, and you can set it up inside cPanel, under the Security section of your account. I would highly recommend people enable this where possible, to add an additional layer of security...
  11. Matt

    Update IPV6 Enabled

    All, IPV6 has been enabled on all the shared hosting accounts. You all have an unique IPV6 address assigned to your site, and I've set up a reverse DNS entry for each of them.
  12. J

    FTP Help

    Hey I was wondering if you would possible know the problem as to why my clients cannot log into their FTP, I upgraded my apache and php, and now I nor any of my clients are able t access there servers via FTP, it loads successfully but then "cannot retrieve the directory" would you happen to...
  13. Matt

    Updating WHM/cPanel from the command line

    Matt submitted a new Article: Updating WHM/cPanel from the command line Read more about this article here...