Yet another very satisfied returning customer - Matt; lifesaver!


Managed Customer
Hi all.,
Well we've been with Matt for around a year or more now I think, and last week he well and truly saved our backsides.
We run CentOS, Centminmod and Nginx - CentOS for no reason or explanation just gave up the ghost and brought our dedicated server crashing down.

A live site, busy - but offline during peak traffic. You can imagine the panic!
Anyway got in touch with Matt straight away and he was on it instantly.
He managed to retrieve our old data and all files. Every single file - he mounted the drives and saved the lot.

Wiped the server, reinstalled everything and out our systems back on.. In total I think he spent about 8 hours working with me and we lost only a marginal amount of data.
As you can imagine, it was a stressful time, I was a bit panicky and probably quite jumpy - Matt being Matt was so chilled, any more chilled he would have been horizontal.:D

He was as always, professional, courteous, polite, friendly and extremely efficient.
Fact is Matt - you saved our arses and I definitely owe you a few pints. Time to get up North I think. ;)

Thanks again and if you need a server engineer, Matt is definitely the top man to turn to.
Best wishes.