Finally started testing the upgrade to 2.3

Took a while to get the addons sorted out, but seems most of them I have installed work OK. Theme is a mess though, so I've started re-creating it based on the new default theme, and working on the dark style as well.

Addons I've found so far not working with XF2.3

I'll add to my list as I find more stuff broken.

Had to also disable:
Search Improvements
Elasticsearch Essentials
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Ever since Brivium left years ago i stopped upgrading my forum. I really liked that dudes add-ons. He had some awesome add-ons that i couldn't replace. Unfortunately he got banned.

I've been meaning to look into upgrading one of my forums. One thing i love about xenforo is upgrading is super simple.

I've been playing around & installing other scripts and boy are they hard to upgrade. Always installing dependencies and what not.