Windows 10

I received the notice a month ago. I have the upgrade icon in the corner but i am still unable to download windows 10.

But i don't plan to upgrade. I think i'm going to stay on windows7 until they force me to upgrade. I really like windows7.

I was on windows windowsXP for many years.

My last laptop had windows8.1 and i really didn't like the "apps" I found it way to confusing.

I'd be cool if you posted screenshots of window10
not going to bother myself until MS allow turning off or choose when windows auto updates happen.. right now Windows 10 forces auto updates and you can't turn it off apparently and if you hack it to turn it off, MS will block future updates for your pc!
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I have been running the RTM version since the day it was released both at work and at home. After changing a few things, it's actually not that bad at all. It was a little confusing at first but you get use to it.
What stuff did you change?
I hid the Cortana bar thing. Right click on taskbar>search>hidden. Also hid the task view button. Right click on task bar> uncheck show task view button. Also hated how when you would goto file explorer it would always show recent file and folders. I wanted it going to "This PC" to show my drives like normal. For that you click on file explorer> right click on quick access and goto options> then pull the drop down bar to "This PC". Also if you are doing the upgrade and don't feel like going back to 7 you have 30 days to decide before it will delete itself if. If not you can free up some hard drive space and dump it yourself under settings> system> storage> this pc> temporary files> delete previous versions. This is useful if you are running a smaller SSD and need your space back. Overall I am happy with it.