When I'm not working


I do quite a bit of running, and try and do my bit for Charity. I was chosen to be "the face" of the local Children's Hospital in Sheffield, and was on all their posters and promotional material.

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Needless to say, I didn't look as fresh faced by the end of the race!

Should be good @Null , been doing quite a bit of training the last 2 weeks (some longer runs, and more speed work).
Started my training for the next 10KM race in 10 weeks time.

Bought myself a new Garmin 620 watch to help with this.


Have just been out and done a times 5KM, and took over 30 seconds off my PB from last year
Thanks @AdamD Had 2 days off running this week to recover (and spend time with the family), so I'm back on the training tomorrow.
I just discovered this thread tonight. Thank you for helping the Children's Hospital in Sheffield! It is very nice of you.
My daughter goes to Great Ormond street hospital and they also have a charity family race.
I was into running a long time ago. Now just pushing the buggy ;)
wow thats fast, Good job.

One of my bosses likes to run too. He always tells me about his runs and race times and he has gps watch like you too.

He went to that famous Boston Run in America, Im too out of shape for big races. lolll
I've still not done a full marathon yet. I entered the ballot for London, but didn't get in.