VPS Migration and server optimisation

The Piper

After I converted All Pink Floyd Fan Network from vBulletin 3.8 to Xenforo, things got a bit sluggish and I was experiencing a lot of out of memory errors, so I decided it was time to upgrade my VPS and move to a new webhost.

I was already in contact with Matt for optimising the VPS, but I was going to try migrating the files/databases myself first. It did not work. Then, I requested the new webhost to do the migration, but once again things did not work out. The new website just wouldn't function, and they even told me that I would have to reset all of my users' passwords - a nightmare for a struggling website! Honestly, after a whole weekend trying to get things right, I was almost giving up on the new server and deciding to stay with the out of memory errors and slow website.

Then, fortunately, I asked Matt to do the whole migration himself, including deactivating the old website, changing DNS configurations, etc. In just a few hours, the new website was up and running lightning-fast, DNS settings were propagated, MySQL was tuned up and the Xenforo database converted to InnoDB and users were happy. What more could I expect?

Matt communicated with me all the way, keeping me fully updated. He's knowledgeable, professional and a very nice guy. I am very glad I decided to hire him for this service, as this has avoided me weeks of headaches and annoyances. I highly recommend his services with no reservations whatsoever!

Many thanks, Matt! You are the man. (y)