A little about myself, I'm from Florida and lived there most my life but was raised in the South Bronx, NY. I'm an Air Force Disabled Veteran and go to school for Film but I'm on and off alot. My main goal in life is simple, writing books. I've finished one but never released it even though I got it copyrighted. I wanna rewrite it. The main book I'm working on now I've been writing since 1997. My first talent is art. I have many hobbies, some used to be music and video editing, which at one point I was involved with heavily. I'm a videogame, anime and manga nerd and love early 90's comics like the Jim Lee era of X-Men and early Image Comics titles.

I didn't start chatting on the internet until after I joined the Air Force and I didn't start chatting on forums until a couple years later. I have what I like to think, the benefit of being raised in an era where the internet and smartphone life was not at the main forefront of my life cause even our phones sucked back then. I joined my first forum, SOHH (site's still up but the forum is now closed) cause I was curious about the Jay Z and Nas battle. I got addicted to the rec room forum cause they talked about videogames then from that point I ended up joining IGN (which is now one of the largest xenforo forums) because I was interested in talking more about Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

I run a general chat forum that I'm trying to pass off as a blog site but people rarely blog. Why Blogs? Cause Google. Why Forums? Cause my users asked me to. I was just another forum user whose favorite forum (RateHispanic) was going to close. I invited the hot chicks there to the forum I originally came from, but they didn't like it or got ran off (SOHH), so they asked me to create a site for them. Now here we are 3 and a 1/2 years later. It's a very peaceful forum unlike most forums. Mostly because we spent years arguing, harassing and exposing each other on our previous forum (which is part of why it shut down cause the owner got tired of the drama). When we started on a new site it's like we all let bygones be bygones and turned over a fresh leaf.

Sometimes I regret making a forum though because I turned it into a hobby by trying to perfect the site. This means I've ended up spending lots of money. If I knew how much I'd spend and how much time I spent working on the forum beforehand, I would've never created a forum. At times it's been a burden. It's paid off when I get to meet cool new friends and can actually make money from advertisements. I like to volunteer in my community occasionally. I have a strong volunteer spirit with the awards to show for it. As I get older and wiser I've slowed down alot though. I don't normally post long introduction threads but Matt's done my site such a Great Service so why not?
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Sometimes I regret making a forum though because I turned it into a hobby by trying to perfect the site. This means I've ended up spending lots of money
I think we've all felt like that at some point or another. At one point, I was spending £100 a month just on the hosting, because I wanted the site to be as fast as possible, without actually thinking about setting it up properly.