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I'm shopping for a new VPS. Does anyone have any experience with Servint or Liquidweb? What i like about them is that they have chat support and they always answer fast. Their prices seem good for a managed VPS.

Any experiences with them?
A customer of mine has previously used Servint and went straight onto their SolidFire SSD platform once it was available.

Very stable and reliable. Only reason I moved him off that is we went dedicated and moved away from cPanel to one of my nginx builds.
SSD = Solid State Drives

I don't offer dedicated servers myself, he rented a dedicated server from SoYouStart the same as I do.
oh i see! It's like a usb stick. No disk.

I saw some good deals at SoYouStart but they are unmanaged. For little guys like me. It's too difficult.
Yes, they are 100% unmanaged. All they are responsible for is the hardware and network, anything else and you are on your own. You also need to factor in cPanel costs as well, as you need to purchase that separately.

I was impressed with ServInt when I set up the VPS.

We had it running Litespeed as well rather than Apache.
Someone suggested i buy one of those cheap 5 dollar a month unmanaged servers to learn and mess around with it. So then i can learn to manage it myself. I think i might do that.

I just waited over 1 hour with hostgator on chat support because my ticket never got a response. They are horrible now.

Im gonna check out servint.(y)
I heard good things about your two web hosts. Another one I remember as good is knownhost. I do not know how they are doing lately though.

Someone suggested i buy one of those cheap 5 dollar a month unmanaged servers to learn and mess around with it.

What about installing linux on an old computer? It is a good way to learn linux command. The only problem I see with a totally unmanaged server is the risk of having it compromised and being used for spamming purpose etc. Some web hosts will charge you a penalty for that and it can get pretty expensive. Now if you have Matt securing it for you it is different ;)
The nice thing with DigitalOcean is that you pay by the hour, so if you only end up using the droplet for a couple of hours, that's all you end up paying for.

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