Second time.....


This is the second time I have used Matt's services once before on a dedicated server I was running and now migrating my site from a shared cPanel environment to centminmod. The service is exceptional and the quality of work is second to none. My site was pretty fast not blazing but still fast on the shared environment but now since Matt migrated it to the VPS I am on now my site is BLAZING. Matt figured out some issues with https and now my site is full https compliant. Matt went above and beyond to get things configured for me and I would recommend him to anyone. He even went as far as changing NS at my domain registar since I was at work and couldn't. I can't thank Matt enough and my payment and this measly review can hardly pay for the level of support I received from him. Thank you again Matt I am glad there are guys like you out there that have the experience to do this stuff as I am illiterate with it. I can fumble through it when cPanel is involved but I have moved into uncharted waters. Looking forward to the future of my site and the support I will receive from you in the future.