Outstanding service

Karl GOddard

Hosting Customer
Never been one for writing reviews, but my experience so for of Matt W's hosting needed a few words

I've been 'playing around' with Wordpress hosted sites for year and tried loads of different hosts - Godaddy, Bluehost, Media Temple and many others..

I recently signed up for Matts mid range shared hosting and I've never experienced the speed and performance I've currently got on ANY shared hosting I've previously had.

By far the best shared hosting I've had the pleasure to use

Thanks Matt!


Hosting Customer
You pay a small (in my opinion) premium for Matt's hosting, but he's a single individual who knows what the hell he's doing, so he doesn't overload the server and keeps things up to date.
The server is super fast and he's quick to respond to queries and fix user generated problems (not me causing them lol, my dad)
Yea, it's well worth the little extra in my opinion.