Northern Lights 10/05/2024


Come away for the weekend to our caravan in Flamborough, and it was a very clear night, so had an excellent view of the Northern Lights caused by the huge CME

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We have just fitted Starlink internet in the van as well, and while they are reporting degraded service, we haven't had any issues with connection.
I have StarLink as well. I've had it for over a year and it is amazing. I usually get speeds of 150-200Mbps. I even tried gaming on it and it works great.

I had some issues in the past where it cut off sometimes but then I put it up high away from trees and buildings and the issues stopped.

I've been thinking since StarLink works better away from major cities, in the future i will buy a house in the woods far north in Canada away from everyone with a lot of land. I bet i can view the northern lights often there.

Starlink is a huge game changer. I no longer have any need to live in the city. Cities are cramped, small houses & crime is rising in Canada.

Last year they said they were going to put a cap on speed & usage but then reversed it.

I use an average of 1TB per month and i don't even torrent. I use YouTube a lot.

I've been really impressed with Starlink since I fitted it. At the van we have, there is no phone signal on the carrier I'm on, so we had to rely on a very unstable and congested point to point internet provided by a local company. On a good day when the site was quiet, we'd get the 30mb we paid for, and on a busy day, we were lucky if it worked at all.

Had zero issues with speed on Starlink, and getting 180Mbps consistently, so I can work from the van now if I needed to.
Many people are ditching their ISPs in rural areas here. It's getting really popular. Most people don't need gigabit internet so starlink is sufficient for them.

Starlink is going to destroy the monopolies in many countries because in Canada there is a huge monopoly wiht internet companies. I'm happy about this.

I also heard rumors that starlink is looking into long distance wifi technology. Which means our future phones will only need a wifi chip and no longer a phone chip because phone apps are the future.

I have used a phone number app for many years because if i go to another country i cannot received texts or its too expensive. With an app i use that all the time and dont need an actual phone provider number. The calling apps are still not 100% good but its getting there. I hope starlinks achieves this so i can ditch my phone company which i use for internet only
Looks like we will be getting a Starlink mini. It was just announced recently.

I have the Gen2 version of the Big Dish where it searches the signal on its own. I heard the new dishes don't do it. You have to do it manually.


I wonder if they will eventually announce a Starlink Mobile Smartphone

Then smartphone companies like samsung won't be able to complete against starlink because they don't have access to their network or chip.