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Maxim Dounin

Changes with nginx 1.9.0 28 Apr 2015

*) Change: obsolete aio and rtsig event methods have been removed.

*) Feature: the "zone" directive inside the "upstream" block.

*) Feature: the stream module.

*) Feature: byte ranges support in the ngx_http_memcached_module.
Thanks to Martin Mlynář.

*) Feature: shared memory can now be used on Windows versions with
address space layout randomization.
Thanks to Sergey Brester.

*) Feature: the "error_log" directive can now be used on mail and server
levels in mail proxy.

*) Bugfix: the "proxy_protocol" parameter of the "listen" directive did
not work if not specified in the first "listen" directive for a
listen socket.

Maxim Dounin

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