New Switch


I'm replacing the 2 x 5 port GigE switches I've currently got in the TV cabinet with a single 8 port switch. Don't need 10 ports, and seems daft having 2 switches powered on.

Bought a new Netgear GS308 from ebuyer which turned up today. It looks and feels great, as it's got the new metal chassis, rather than the crappy plastic one.

2014-03-20 21.07.24.jpg 2014-03-20 21.07.44.jpg 2014-03-20 21.08.08.jpg 2014-03-20 21.08.24.jpg 2014-03-20 21.09.49.jpg

Haven't tested it yet, as I'm at work, but will be swapping out the old ones today when I get home.