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  1. Matt

    Matt Owner

    I've been working with Mr. Goodie2Shoes on Alpha testing the new add-on for XenForo.

    The original Suggestion Thread over on XenForo:

    dethfire sparked this thread back to life after another discussion on XenForo for image compression / optimization, and Mr. Goodie2Shoes quickly picked it up and began working on it.

    He contacted me yesterday morning just after 9am, and I received the initial Alpha release to test on my dev instance of this site 4 hours later after bouncing a few ideas back and forth.

    We quickly identified a few bugs, which he worked out almost instantly as soon as he knew about them, and also opened up the scope of the add-on to work with other 3rd party add-ons that use the default XenForo Attachment handler.

    This has since been expanded upon to support xfrocks [bd]Attachment Store add-on, which really opens up the audience for this, as any large site with 1,000's of attachments can really benefit from this.

    His work has been first class, very well coded, and open to suggestions and ideas to take it forward.

    I'm looking forward to when this add-on gets local optimisation enabled, as could work out quite expensive on the larger sites.

    If you upload a lot of images, this is going to be invaluable for your site in the long run.

    I've ran the batch job against this site, and saved
    [root@host data]# du -sh *
    523M    attachment-files
    [root@host data]# du -sh *
    424M    attachment-files
    That's a decent saving for 1,500 attachments!
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  2. Claudio

    Claudio Customer

    Unfortunately his addon is unsupported and has few bugs
  3. Matt

    Matt Owner

    I know. He seems to regularly vanish without a trace :(
  4. Yeah.... I really need to work on my communication skills and not break down when the pressure is on... :(
  5. Adam H

    Adam H Customer

    Like a bloody Bus, Not see you for months and then my inbox explodes with updates and fixes to addons :) Welcome back Saif good to see you around again.
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  6. Kintaro

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    Saif, you don't have to arrive to a break down. I think don't have to accept all the suggestions we made for your add-ons or at least prioritize them with a "as soon as possible" queue and a "when I have time" queue (or something like that). Welcome back.