MattW saved my forum site


A few months ago, my Christian forum site in which I put a lot of work and time started to load very slow. We have been hit by very high traffic and it got worse to the point of us encountering 2-3 long down times every week. I was already on a VPS plan with ServInt and I have now upgraded my plan to handle all that load. The traffic to the site got worse still and my hosting company, moved my site to a quarantined area so it does not affect other site in the same server. We worked on it for hours and could not figure out what exactly the issue was and finally I was asked to upgrade my hosting plan again. I almost gave up on it and as a last resort I posted a request on Xenforo community for help. This is where things changed. Someone recommended that I contact Matt. I did that and Matt agreed to have a look at it.

Matt worked on my website. He managed to find out what the issues were and he made recommendations as to what needed to be done. I got him to fix the issues. A few hours later the website was back on it's feet and running really fast. I was so amazed. I didn't have to upgrade my hosting plan again and I ended up saving a lot of money. Here's what he did:


Below I have attached a screenshot of my forum's average response time in a period of one year, before and after Matt's work.

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I am posting this detailed recommendation here because from my experience Matt is well capable of helping you out with Xenforo related problems including spam issues and Server management issues. He is a great guy to work with and I highly recommend him!!
That's really great improvement (y)
There was some serious registration attempts against his site. Also, the foolbot add-on was trying to log each of these attempts, so causing a high amount of traffic against MySQL. Stopping the logging of the attempts was the first step to getting it under control.
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