MattW is awesome


I had been running my site (new not many members yet) on a VPS with ASO and I did some looking and found I could get a dedicated server with more resources for cheaper than the VPS I was paying for. I spent over a week trying to get Percona, elasticsearch, and memcached installed with no luck. I thought I finally had everything setup right and went to transfer my site over from the VPS and BOOM nothing. I was about to pull the last bit of hair I have left out and I was talking to a member at xF that I knew had knowledge of web servers and such but not much experience with cPanel. He said he would do it but he recommended @Matt cause he knew how to do what I wanted with cPanel installed. So I contacted @Matt and found his prices to be reasonable and a short time later he told me everything was done and I then transferred my site over from the VPS and typed in the address and guess what it loaded. Matt talked with me throughout the whole process gave me updates on what he had installed and what all he had done. So thank you Matt for all you did for me. You saved my sanity and the last bit of hair I have as well. I highly recommend him. May hire him later to do a good optimization of the site and get the speed up although with LSWS the site loads pretty fast.