Matt screwed my site


Managed Customer
Matt messed my site :censored: Lost 640, 000 post during the conversion and members couldn't log in due to a change of user id. The gallery conversion went quite badly with users getting other users's private album. On top of that, it took days to move the site because of some DNS troubles... This does not surprise me because he sub contracts his work to some very young and cheap labour as you can all see in his avatar :rolleyes:
Just kidding :LOL:
Matt has been fantastic from the beginning.
He was asked to
1) set up a new dedicated server
2) move a large forum running vbulletin 3 and its decently large gallery running photopost 6.2
3) convert the board to xenForo and the gallery to Xen Media Gallery

1 and 2 went smoothly. The conversion of the board went quickly despite its 1.3 million posts. The conversion of photopost (58,649 photos) was difficult and, based on 12 years experience with this script, I expected it. We also had a problem with 61,280 comments missing. Matt contacted Chris D. the maker of Xen Media Gallery and after a quick discussion Chris D. had the solution and it worked fine. Seeing the two geeks chatting together is impressive :)
Then Matt helped me setting up the forums (I had too many usergroups), installing a new style and a SSL. He still monitors the board checking its server load etc. He also helped me using DNSMadeEasy and the secure server certificate.

In short, Matt is very competent, fast, perfectionist and very dedicated: with the forum and gallery conversions he worked from about 10pm until 9am then he was back again at around 1pm to 4pm before coming back in the evening. He is also a very fun guy to work with.

I have to add he is very kind too. I have a dedicated server but it is hosted in Canada and I wanted to have a new site dedicated to childhood leukaemia hosted in the UK because it would be an UK audience mostly. Well, Matt offered to host it :)

I highly recommend him ! (y)

Hi Matt,
I just want to commend you on your responsiveness and conscientious interaction. As a person with an online school that cannot be down for long without causing major problems, I really appreciate your ability to find our issues, sort through our mess and get our site transferred literally overnight! You communicated through the whole event, so I didn't need to worry about whether it was getting done or not. Everything seems to be running clean a smooth now, and we will definitely use you for all our future tech issues. We are also happy to have you hosting our site as well, now.