Matt Rocks!


My site was recently knocked offline and my homepage replaced with an advertisement from a hactivist group. I had been banging my head against this for hours, and even my host seemed uncertain. You see the problem I always have is I want to do everything myself. I'm beginning to realize bringing in a professional is sometimes the right choice. In just a few minutes Matt had identified the the way the hackers were getting in. Shortly thereafter he had all our software up to date, and our forum secure. I was up all night working on what Matt solved in a very short amount of time.

Maybe I would have eventually got this all figured out. Maybe I would never have gotten it figured out.I am however certain that even if I did it would have taken an unbelievable amount of time. I should have emailed Matt as soon as I had a problem.

If you need someone that knows their stuff, and someone you can trust, contact Matt... and if you're like me, stop wasting your time, contact him immediately and get your day back.