Logitech Performance Mouse

Top great looking mice :)

Mine looks very basic by comparison. It is this one: http://www.ttesports.com/Mouse/14/AZURUES/productPage.htm?a=a&g=ftr#.VEPpedEtCHs
It is about two years old and it still works fine. The design changed a bit because mine has a TT instead of that dragon on the newer mouse.

Can't stand wireless mice myself, could never get used to the lag between movements.
Same for me and I even had troubles with a wireless mouse deleting some files by mistake because of the lag while I was using SSH. Never again!
Hahah, wireless mouse goes on the rampage! :p
It's possible things have improved since, I mean there was a time I had to have wired/ethernet in the house, I would never go for wireless networking, but now, with Fibre and Wireless AC, I'd never go back to Wired/Ethernet.
But I am still not convinced after reading Matt's post about the poor battery life :eek:
Of course we could use a main powered wireless (to the computer) mouse if such a thing exists...
No, just some risk of infertility and brain tumours but beside that, it should be fine!
Risk of brain tumours and/or infertility....VS....need to charge iPhone, keyboard and mouse..
Hmm..I dunno, I don't like having to keep plugging in my iPhone! :p
This thread went nicely fully off topic lol

I think the new iPhone Plus has a much larger battery ;)
Talking about wireless charger etc, I remember reading that some electric cars could be charged wirelessly by just parking it above the charger. Not bad.

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