Linode SSD and More!


Great news yesterday from Linode!

"Over the last year, and very feverishly over the past five months, we’ve been working on a really big project: a revamp of the Linode plans and our hardware and network – something we have a long history of doing over our past 11 years. But this time it’s like no other. These upgrades represent a $45MM investment, a huge amount of R&D, and some exciting changes.

Linodes are now SSD. This is not a hybrid solution – it’s fully native SSD servers using battery-backed hardware RAID. No spinning rust! And, no consumer SSDs either – we’re using only reliable, insanely fast, datacenter-grade SSDs that won’t slow down over time. These suckers are not cheap.

40 Gbps Network
Each and every Linode host server is now connected via 40 Gbps of redundant connectivity into our core network, which itself now has an aggregate bandwidth of 160 Gbps. Linodes themselves can receive up to 40 Gbps of inbound bandwidth, and our plans now go up to 10 Gbps outbound bandwidth.

Linodes will now receive Intel’s latest high-end Ivy Bridge E5-2680.v2 full-power server-grade processors.

New Plans
We’ve doubled the RAM on all Linode plans! We’ve also aligned compute and outbound bandwidth with the cost of each plan.

In other words, the number of vCPUs you get increases as you go through the plans. And on the networking side, Linodes are now on a 40 Gbit link, with outbound bandwidth that also increases through the plans. Inbound traffic is still free and restricted only by link speed (40 Gbps).

Linode 2G48 GB2 cores3 TB250 Mbps$0.03/hr | $20/mo
Linode 4G96 GB4 cores4 TB500 Mbps$0.06/hr | $40/mo
Linode 8G192 GB6 cores8 TB1 Gbps$0.12/hr | $80/mo
Linode 16G384 GB8 cores16 TB2 Gbps$0.24/hr | $160/mo
Linode 32G768 GB12 cores20 TB4 Gbps$0.48/hr | $320/mo
Linode 48G1152 GB16 cores20 TB8 Gbps$0.72/hr | $480/mo
Linode 64G1536 GB20 cores20 TB10 Gbps$0.96/hr | $640/mo
Linode 96G1920 GB20 cores20 TB10 Gbps$1.44/hr | $960/mo
And in case you missed it, we announced hourly billing recently, too."

As soon as London is available, I'll be going back!
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Been back with Linode 5 days now
root@cpanel [~]# uptime
21:38:22 up 5 days,  2:50,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.03, 0.05
root@cpanel [~]#
Very happy so far with their new plans.
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Sounds great! I wonder what the $40 node provided before cause I'm damn sure getting one now.