Laptop Fan


I've got a HP Ultrabook which I've had for just under 2 years. When I first got it, the fan started to make a horrible rattling noise, which I took back and had it replaced under warranty.

Fast forward 20 months, and it's started again, so looks like a common fault with these fans. Stripped the laptop down tonight, took the fan out to try and clean it up, but it's still making the same noise when it's back in.

Found a replacement fan on ebay for £24, so ordered that.


Thank god for eBay!
Always a good place for parts you can't get from the manufacturer, heh.
Yeah, although it's frustrating to be having to replace it again on a < 2 year old laptop.
Having a look around on google, it seems to be a common issue across the whole HP range, especially on their Ultrabooks. Probably why they made it so easy to replace (only 2 screws holding it in place, and it's separate from the CPU grills)
Had to collect the new fan from the post office, as they tried to deliver while I was out yesterday. It's fitted, and quiet as a mouse now

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