Incredible Knowledge, Friendly and gets the job done RIGHT


I had a hosted xenforo site and the hosting company kept changing things i had no control over and kept affecting my site so I knew I had to do something

I decided to remove that element and go VPS, I knew i could work it out eventually but in my research came across Matt.

I read alot of his posts and checked out his services. The way he was selling his services was clear and came across very respectable.

I spoke with Matt about my situation and we commenced discussions on what I needed and the options.

Start to finish Matt was amazing and friendly, he was kept me informed of what steps he was doing as he was going, he also had no problems educating me with questions i had as we progressed through the migration.

Also dealt with some addon issues that were discovered when moving the files to the new server.

I have huge amounts of respect for Matt and the work he does and will be getting him to go over things once in awhile to make sure im doing things right and the server is running the best it can.

Also even when the job was done he made sure i was happy with everything :woot:

Thanks Matt, you have saved me from weeks or months of learning how to do the migration so i can focus on my site!

Have no doubt Matt is the man you want helping you with your site! (y)