How old is your oldest computer?


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How old is your oldest computer? I still have a working Dell laptop from 2001. It runs on a Celeron 700. It had 128mb of ram. I think I upgraded it to 256. I haven't used it for awhile. It looks like a brick :D I will post a photo of it tomorrow.

The oldest one we have in the house now is the wife's Macbook from 2007. It's been faultless in 7 years, just bloody slow now in comparison.
I'm only on my 3rd laptop in the last 10 years.


This is my old desktop, which was purchased in 2001. This was the "bastardised" version when I was running Fedora on it
Here are the photos. I wanted to go online with the Dell but the WIFI card broke. It's the thing sticking out at the right of the laptop. Next to it is the 2013 Mac Air.
I didn't think in that way but you are right! It was updated to XP and the ram was updated to 256mb. Its "new" hard disk is 80gb. The original had 10gb. Has also a floppy disk reader...
It sounds very similar to my original Siemens laptop that I got back in 2002. That had an 80GB HDD and 128MB RAM.

I remember the first PC my family got when we were at school. Ran an 800mhz processor, 800MB HDD, and 32MB of RAM. I traded in an RC Car to have the ram upgraded to 64MB.
I had a Fujitsu Siemens laptop too. My parents still use it for emailing.
My first computer was an Amstrad 64. I don't remember it well but it had a audio tape reader and it was taking a long time just to load a game. It had a massive external floppy disk reader too. The display was in green but I spent nights playing on it. Sadly, now that I can buy top video games I am not interested by them :D