He is the Guy!

Miguel Dias

This path started when I decided to move out from Nimbus Hosting, not for any problem with them, I was with them since Nimbus launch coming from GlobalGold. I wanted to try something new to learn a bit more and get somehow more resources for some other projects after the biggest forum I used to maintain dropped off with the end of the game it was related.

After 16 years using vBulletin for most of the forums I moved to Xenforo and started to look for a place to move on, I found Matt nice feedbacks on Xen forum and started to follow this forum, after some discussion with Matt I decided to try SYS service and Matt took care of everything for me (migration, setup), recently I got a big issue with a friend outdated Wordpress, I got a huge spam problem (something I never had), Matt did a lot of help pointing the right direction, even with my weird English (I’m Portuguese) Matt output is concise and direct, within a few days I learned a lot more googling is instructions, he definitely exceed any support I had so far.

I huge recommend him to anyone, and I hope to learn a lot more with him, and I know I will if I can stay with everything I have at the moment (things in Portugal are so bad that sometimes I think how far I can keep supporting costs on my own).