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Couple months ago I was unable to create a test forum on shared hosting because I was getting slammed by Baidu Search Engine bots. Slavik, a moderator on Xenforo, who was at the time my current shared host, suggested that I get a managed VPS so I created a Paid Request thread. While investigating different server setups, I asked people about Apache with Nginx Reverse Proxy and out of all that I asked Matt showed the most experience in this kind of setup so I paid him to move me over to KnownHost Managed VPS SSD. Matt also installed NginxCP and setup xcache for me.

Later on I switched to SSL. NginxCP doesn't work with SSL unless you make some custom modifications. The KH support guy said he can't and advised that I get a coder to do it. So I asked him to remove NginxCP and switched over to Litespeed. I then asked KH to remove xcache because it doesn't work with suPHP which is what I'm using now. I was using dso before (which is what xcache requires) but I had to switch because after I asked KH to install ImageMagick for me, both dso and FastCGI gave me issues rotating and adding watermark to photos in XenMediaGallery. After I got xcache uninstalled, I asked KH to setup memcache. KH set it up on the server but did not know how to do it with Xenforo, so I contacted Matt once again for his services to set up memcache and fully remove xcache since I had gotten server errors in the AdminCP of my Xenforo from the xcache removal, which is another thing KH can't help with.

A few things are obvious by my experience, you should probably have Matt both install and uninstall services you pay for because the host doesn't always do a thorough job when it comes to Xenforo forum software. They didn't even know to remove the xcache stuff in config.php I had to do that myself. If I was a novice Xenforo admin I would've sat there wondering why my forum broke. @Matt has done an excellent job each time! I trust his knowledge and expertise more than my own host.
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Thanks @DRE . The latest bit of work has been to configure XenForo to work with Memcache to relieve some of the pressure and get a specific add-on working again.