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So a few months ago I contacted Matt for a quick .htaccess to our Admin.php and was done within moments if accessing our ssh and set 3 users for us. This was all done within moments

So a few Days ago I Hired Matt again to set up Redis Cache and add Emoji Support to our forums in the middle of it I found an add-on from Xon and asked him to install it for us smhe added what was require to our config.php and told me just remove // and then install the add-on so I did and no issues we had an issue when we installed redis causing a 504 error seconds after sending him that message he asked me for admin access to our control panel and got the site back up. I CANT STRESS ENOUGH IF YOU NEED ANY HELP WITH YOUR SITE JIST ASK MATT HE HAS FAIR PRICES AND IS VERY FAST AT WORKING ON YOUR SERVER. I might just buy his month management package in case I need something done and don't want to mess with the site.