Excellent and friendly service.


I approached Matt because I wanted to further optimise the VPS one of my latest projects is running on.

I sent him a PC over on XenForo.com and he kindly discussed what he could offer to do and asked me what I'd like for him to do, I told Matt that he's free to do anything he thinks is required.

Below is a little of what MattW got up to on his travels:

  • created my.cnf and optimised the variables to suit the VPS
  • enabled SPDY 2 support
  • optimised nginx logging
  • optimsed PHP's built-in OPCache
  • switched to libmemcached instead of memcached
  • moved from NGINX 1.4.4 to 1.5.10
  • enabled SPDY 3 support
  • and much more...
I then asked Matt to setup another VPS for another project I intend to launch soon, to which he's put a lot of effort and advice into.

I'd recommend Matt's services because his approach his so very friendly and professional (A++).
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