Awesome Service and a happy client


I came across Matt through a thread I opened on Xenforo and after thoughtful feelings about his responses for my questions; I decided to give him a try. I know for sure that not everyone that claims they know what they’re doing really know what they’re talking about (probably read about it on internet:)). Now, I have seen Matt to be a server guru and I am happy I made the choice of going with him because his work tells it all - Exceptional!

Matt assisted me in setting up Linode VPS, Configuration, moved two websites from shared hosted company to Linode and of course the creating of PhpMyAdmin for the two sites. Everything went on fine with no issues. His quality of service was faultless, customer service was excellent and his price is affordable for anyone.

I am more than happy with his effort/skills and I will highly recommend him to anyone/friends.

Thank you Matt

You’re the best!!!!