Awesome Service Amazing Guy


I saw Matt's thread over at xenforo and after pondering about it I decided to approach him.

Not everyone that claims to be a server guru actually knows what they talking about but I am happy I went with Matt because he can back up his claim.

My xenforo installation was spitting out errors every minute and was going offline, I could not do anything without a server error log being generated and finally the website went offline permanently:eek:

Matt steps in, now I do not have the exact technicals of what he did but my website now works! In addition, he set up something on my server like a basket of RAM reserves that stops it going offline incase I have an outage and optimised the website for speed:D

Matt talks computer programming language and many times I had to ask him 'what you on about? :confused:'

The quality of service is impeccable.
The after customer service priceless.
The price for the service affordable :p

Thanks Mate (y)