1. Matt

    Update WooCommerce critical vulnerability

    Had the below email from Woocommerce last night: We’re reaching out to let you know that a critical vulnerability was identified in WooCommerce (versions 3.3 to 5.5) and the WooCommerce Blocks feature plugin (versions 2.5 to 5.5). What actions should I take with my store? Stores hosted on...
  2. Matt

    CentOS7.9 Released

    CentOS 7.9 is now available, so there will be a lot of updates available going from 7.8 to 7.9 All my managed customers will see these updates being applied, and may get alerts from LFD stating multiple packages have failed their MD5 comparison checks. This is to be expected.
  3. Matt

    Announcement Imunify360 Testing

    In order to continue to improve the services I offer, and provide additional layer of security to your sites, I'm testing Imunify360 on CP2 https://www.imunify360.com/imunify360 This provides several additional layers of security: If this goes well over the next 30 days, I will be rolling...
  4. Matt

    Announcement PHP7.4 Available

    Hi All, PHP7.4 is now available on the shared hosting servers. You need to ensure your site is capable of running this version (such as the latest version of XenForo / Worpdress), however, you can easy choose this now from within cPanel and the MultiPHP Manager
  5. Matt

    nginx 1.17.3

    https://community.centminmod.com/threads/nginx-1-17-3-security-update-for-http-2-vulnerabilities.18157/ I've kicked off the updates for all my managed customers who are using centminmod to upgrade nginx to 1.17.3
  6. Matt

    phpMyAdmin Security Release

    Thanks to easiii for the heads up phpMyAdmin Releases Critical Software Update — Patch Your Sites Now! If you are running phpmyadmin on your servers, please ensure you update you local install.
  7. Matt

    Update TLS1.3 and QUIC

    Litespeed have released a new version yesterday, which updates the QUIC spec to 43 that the latest Chrome builds support again. So any sites running via HTTPS from cp1.mattwservices.uk will now work via QUIC on Chrome. The update also bring in support for TLS1.3 I've tested one of the...
  8. Matt

    Update Shared Hosting DNS Update

    After the issues last night with Cloudflare, I've been working on a new DNS setup for the shared hosting platform. The current setup is a cluster of 4 VPS servers joined to the shared hosting server, located in 4 different DC's with 4 different VPS providers. This can be slow for DNS...
  9. Matt

    Update Support Forum

    I've moved this site back to Digital Ocean, so it's now split from the billing software. ipv6 is also enabled and working (my phone with EE used ipv6 and I've tested and it's working correctly). As it's also a new VPS that is running, it's installed with nginx 1.15.0 which is a new release...
  10. Matt

    Update Litespeed Update

    There is a new update available for Litespeed, to update to version 5.2 I've not upgraded on the shared hosting servers yet, as I'm waiting for a couple of stable versions to be released prior to rolling it out here. LiteSpeed - LiteSpeed Web Server I'll post an update before I update on here.
  11. Matt

    Announcement 2017 Holidays

    I'm going to be away on Holiday Monday 24th April to Friday 28th April, and Friday 2nd June to Saturday 10th June. During this time, no additional work will be accepted or scheduled, and only emergency outages on the shared hosting platform will be worked on.
  12. Matt

    Security ATTENTION: LiteSpeed Servers Being Attacked

    For my managed customers running Litespeed, I've already upgraded your Litespeed to the new release.
  13. Matt

    Update MariaDB 10.1

    All shared hosting servers have been upgraded to MariaDB 10.1 this morning Currently running supported MySQL version 10.1.19-MariaDB
  14. Matt

    Maintenance Completed Migration to EasyApache4

    In the coming week, I'm going to need to start migrating the shared hosting servers over to EasyApache4. The build will be exactly the same (running PHP5.6), however, it will require a small amount of downtime on the servers while it rebuilds, and I get Memcached working again. I'm going to be...
  15. Matt

    ImageMagick Remote Command Execution Vulnerability

    https://blog.sucuri.net/2016/05/imagemagick-remote-command-execution-vulnerability.html As per the thread, last night thanks to the heads up from eva2000 , I've already applied the patch to the policy.xml files for all servers that I manage for people where you have ImageMagick installed. eg...
  16. Matt

    Update Anti-DDOS Update

    Yesterday, there was a DDOS on one of the sites hosted on cpanel.mattwservices.uk between 13:45 UTC and 13:47 UTC. This caused MySQL to lock up, as the dynamic content was going to MySQL, and used up all 300 available connections. As a future preventative measure, I've implemented IP address...
  17. Matt

    Maintenance Completed CVE-2015-7547 Reboots Required

    Critical glibc Vulnerability Puts All Linux Machines at Risk Where automatic updated aren't applied, I'm manually running a yum update to get the latest patched versions. Once this is done, I need to reboot the servers / VPS to bring the new versions in, as this is used by a LOT of services.
  18. Matt

    Wordpress 4.4.2 Security Update

    If you are running Wordpress, it's highly recommended you upgrade ASAP as the new release addresses 2 security issues Full details can be found here WordPress 4.4.2 Security Release - Why you need to update immediately - Wordfence
  19. Matt

    Update cpanel.mattwservices.co.uk SSL Certificate Update

    I've renewed the certificate for the cPanel services (SFTP/cPanel/SMTP/EXIM) The new certificate is valid for the next 3 years
  20. Matt

    Update New Theme

    OK, so I've rolled out the new theme for the site and now set it to the default selection. I do really like the UI.X theme, but fancied a change, and I've been using an Artodia theme for another of my sites, and really like what you can do with it, and how fast and optimized it seems to be...