cPanel Tune and Optimize

cPanel Tune and Optimize 2014-03-20

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This is a tuned setup for cPanel based on my many years experience with hosting XenForo forums. With the latest version of cPanel, and the ability to run multiple PHP versions, the time taken to set this up has increased, hence the increase in price.
  • Configure EA4 and install multiple PHP Versions (upto PHP8 now supported)
  • Convert PHP handler to php-fpm or mod_lsapi
  • Apache 2.4
  • Replace Apache with Litespeed ( licence required )
  • Install ZendOpcache (PHP 5.6 / 7 / 8)
  • Install Memcached / Redis
  • Tune required cache to suite your sites / server specs.
  • Upgrade MySQL / MariaDB to 10.3 based on recommended version supported by cPanel.
Payment Links
  • Your website URL
  • Root SSH access to the VPS
  • Root WHM access

  • Litespeed Licence can be purchased directly from Licensecart (recommended supplier)
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5 Star Service! Highly recommended. I had MattW optimise my new VPS. His service was fantastic and swift. The modifications made have made my xenforo site so much faster than on the previous server. Have waited 2 weeks since he did his work and everything is still purring along nicely. Will definitely get him to do server work again. Obviously very knowledgeable in what he does. Thanks again Matt. Really appreciate your work.