Super experience transfering from Site Ground


Hosting Customer
We have a fairly small XenForo forum -- 1000 members but generally only 100-200 visiting per day and under 20 online at any given time.

The site ran well at SiteGround for 1.5 years but then started running into problems related to MySQL. SiteGround tried multiple times to solve the problems but could not, mainly because they evidently don't understand XenForo. The XF developers specified what was needed but SiteGround was not willing to make changes to a shared server configuration. Okay, not unreasonable but not helpful. Their suggestion was to upgrade to a cloud server at US$100 per month. At that point, they suggested they should be able to help us.

After looking around, I decided to move the site to Matt's shared servers. It took less than an hour of chatting with Matt online to make my decision. We decided to move the site the next day. The transfer was almost a non-issue, mostly because of the knowledge, experience and expertise Matt brings to the party.

We once again have a smoothly-running forum without errors but it's faster than it was on SiteGround. Even better, instead of increasing our hosting costs, going with Matt reduced those costs.

I highly recommend Matt and his services.