1. Matt

    Emergency Server Support 1.0

    In addition to my scheduled hourly work, if you need emergency, short notice, or priority work, this is what you will need to purchase. Please ensure I am actually available to assist before purchasing this work. Minimum 1 hour required. Type of work undertaken and supported is the same as my...
  2. Matt

    Update Work Requests

    In order to get a better handle on work requests, all work needs to be scheduled in advance. I'm not really in a position to do work ad-hoc ASAP anymore, due to the amount of work I am receiving. To help with this, I need all requests to be submitted into the correct section, and all new...
  3. Matt

    Monthly XenForo Management 2014-03-19

    This is basically a reduced price offering of the 1 hour Config Work that I offer. Because this is subscription based, it's offered at a reduced cost, due to the recurring income each month. During the 1 hour, I will perform any tasks that you would like doing, such as add-on installs, base...