1. Matt

    cPanel issuing SSL Certificates

    Had a nice surprise this morning. cPanel updated automatically, adn they are now giving free SSL certificates for WHM/cPanel access :)
  2. S

    Installing SSL on shared IP?

    Do anyone have any experience installing an SSL cert on a shared IP address that can tell me what I'm doing wrong? I just purchased an SSL cert from GoGetSSL as I've done for several other domains and have installed it just the same as I've done the others in the past (albeit the others where...
  3. Matt

    Update SSL Certificate Update

    I've renewed the certificate for the cPanel services (SFTP/cPanel/SMTP/EXIM) The new certificate is valid for the next 3 years
  4. Matt

    Update Email Security

    I've had to enable a few extra option on the mail server this morning, after being on the receiving end of the brute force DDOS attack against a sites mail accounts You will need to ensure you are connecting to the server to receive your mails via the secure methods Secure SSL/TLS Settings...